Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something so right, at a time so wrong?

OK, now here I go... Always finding a way to get out of every good situation I get in. Maybe those that know me best, really do know me best. Sometimes people can know you better than you know your self, but is that a bad thing? I don't really know, and I'm finding out I don't know as much as I've always claimed to know... Late night blogging, only to receive texts/messages the next day or two with advice from those who know me best and those who don't know me at all... Which is OK.. That's the purpose of a public blog. But seriously, like the topic says, is it possible to receive something that's right, but at the wrong time? I think yes... I'm in that situation. Where God sends something into your life that you know is right and EXACTLY what you want, but you just for whatever reason can't accept it at that time. What do you do? Let it go and hope that when you're available he re sends it?!? Unfortunately it doesn't work that way... Or does it? What if you got something under false pretence? Does that really mean it's yours to keep? Or is that the reason it feels like the wrong time because it's truly not meant for you no matter how much you want it? Have I lost you? Cause I'm confused myself. Maybe some things just aren't meant to be regardless of how right it is, or some things just come into your life at the wrong time, so it never was right to begin with....

Love ya,

Kellie (CompliAKAted)

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