Monday, June 8, 2009

The end... Closer than I expected.

Isn't it funny how someone can end something so quickly and not feel anything? I find it not only messed up, but also heartless. How someone can tell you something on Monday, and feel completely different on Tuesday. I can't be mad.. But I'm human. I want to be mad because I opened up myself to someone who completely took advantage of me and my emotions... But do I have the right to be upset? I mean, after all, no one HAS to be with anyone. You can end it for whatever reason you please... Right? But is that enough to come into someones life, only to walk out without a valid reason? You know what? I'm not mad.. I forgive him. I pray he finds whatever it is he was looking for that he could not find in me. I pray for him to find happiness. Part of living is forgiving.. That's what God wants and I serve him... So I forgive you. The reason he crossed my path is still unknown, but someday I will figure it out. I wish him happiness in life.... That's my ending to the book we just started to write.


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