Sunday, August 9, 2009

Personal Update...

Hey people! I've been slacking on my blog only because I've been busy... lol OK, I'm lying, I just forgot to update (trying to sound like i have a fulfilling life) lol I kinda do actually... Anyway, so I have a story to tell y'all.... Listen, I have a friend that I met a few years back, and him and I are so in tune with each other, but due to my complicated nature, we could never really be more than friends... Or friends period. Anyway, my buddy is back and we sorta got back in communication through Twitter... Gotta love that site! Anyway, we talked yesterday and it's like we just picked up where we left off (good terms) of course.... Now, I'm thinking, "Kellie, please don't screw it up AGAIN." I like him... and I kinda hope at the worst, we stay as cool as we been before we fell off... So, the saying "when one person walks out of your life, it makes room for someone greater" is kinda true cause I just got done talking to a not so "good guy", and a week later, a certified "good guy" makes his way back into my life... I have hope, but I'm not forcing anything cause no matter what, he's an amazing guy and I would love a friendship if nothing else. So y'all cross your fingers and hope CompliAKAted stays in her place, cause y'all know she has a tendency to come out and make things difficult for me.... Stay away LaKrisha (my ghetto alter ego) ;-)


Kellie CompliAKAted

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  1. lol. If he's really that good of a dude, he should be able to accommodate "LaKrisha" too... but seriously... you're right about when God lets one good person walk out of your life so a better person can come along and take their place. It couldn't hurt to give him a shot and get to know him better. Don't go in so pessimistic, though! "You'll never know if you can fly together until you take that leap..."

    Good luck to you...